Environmental Mathematics
  a course taught by Dr. Ben Fusaro at Florida State University
Mathematics for Human Survival
  a textbook with mathematical applications to the environment, by Dr. Patricia Kenschaft, Monclair State University
Workshop Precalculus
  a modeling precalculus course designed by Dr. Nancy Baxter-Hastings and Dr. Allan Rossman, Dickinson College
Center for Science Education
  a Center at Portland State University with the vision to engage students and teachers in the process of scientific inquiry and to raise their capacity to participate in the community as attentive citizens
Institute for Study in Educational Mathematics
  a geographically-distributed organization for promoting mathematics teaching in ways that encourage human development
Quantitative Environmental Learning Project
  This site provides resources to integrate mathematics and environmental science in college classrooms.
Kennesaw State University Transitions Project
  a project addressing the need for Pre K-12 teachers of mathematics to learn how to use a varieties of technology effectively as well as to develop a thorough understanding of mathematical concepts